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Work Christmas Party

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Fabulous Party

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East Elevation
South Elevation
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This project was about creating a symbiotic space by fusing a nre creation with our assigned site. My site was the signal box on the corner of Swanston and Victoria Streets.

The exisiting building sits stranded on a traffic island in the middle of 12 lanes of traffic and 2 tram lines and seems attached only by the extensive wires and cords that string it to the surrounds. Now used as Public toilets and as a pit stop for tram drivers the site is realitvely ignored. The two characterisitics of the site that I wished to draw upon was that it was relatively isolated and abandoned. I created a subterrainian space that was designed to amplify these emotive qualtaties.

There is no greater force that amplifies experience than emotion; emotion is the overriding quality that binds humans together in the way they experience. It dictates the way we act and the way we perceive, and becomes a conductor in the matrix of life. Deleuze put forward the notion that, indeed, Life is a series of divergent perceptions that actualise worlds. There is no disctinction between perceiver and perceived, virtual and actual, inside and outside, or subject and object. Rather Deleuze proposed that there is an infinity of folds that created interiors, as if everything were part of one large fabric of existence within which pockets and creases, wrinkles and pleats are continually being formed.

It is within these folds that existence takes place, the idea that that we exist in one contextual fabric that has an infinite amount of folds that inherently have infinite potential, gives way to a desire to try and construct environments that embody these inherent qualities. The intriguing field of trying to encapsulate a strong emotive response coupled with a desire to imbue a space with density associated with the layered relationships of the fold has produced some interesting results.

Some definitions I used as parameters:

Abandon: to withdraw one's support or help from,or to dissociate from, especially in spite of duty, allegiance or responsibility. A sense of being left alone, having lost support or referemce points. Isolated to be seperated, secluded or sequestered by means of geography, ecology or social barriers. A feeling that this barrier is inpenetrable, that there is no longer a sense of connection.
Fold: Deleuze proposed that there is one contextual fabric that comprises everything, therefore there
is no distinction between perceiver and perceived, virtual and actual, inside and outside or subject
and object, rather there is an infinity of folds that have infinite possiblity. Interiors are generated by 'events' where create the perception of interiority.
Affectivity: Affective engagement is to connect with something in such a way that it has an influence
on, or effects a change, that is to say act on a personsâ?? emotions. The idea that one is no longer
effected specifically and solely by dialogue or visual cues, nor relying on predisposed notions,
rather they are engaging with the whole fabric of a space, a place, a person or an experience; feeling, interacting on a sensory level with the texture that forms or creates. Each individual element becomes a signifier that has boundless potential and as new connections are formed the folds are inextricably extended towards infinite possibility as comprehension is sought and meaning is generated.
As one engages with this, through this process of seeking and establishing significance, the fabric
of self is expanded, intensifying oneâ??s own interiority as it enfolds, strengthening oneâ??s sense
of self.

I was also looking at the idea that occupation leaves traces that in turn generate layers and folds within the space that can be engaged with... Iwanted to make these traces tangible by using a projection that film people within the space and create a piece of film which shows these traces. I'm sure that makes NO sense. I will send you a piece of film I created for my previous project that will make it more clear.

Anyway, I will send you some of the work I used in my presentation...

The 1st 3 are my Design Technical Drawings... I actually had text layered over them, which looked really effective but don''t know how to save it to jpeg in Photoshop.

The next ones are a sequence I used.

(I'm a bit tired, so I might finish this off another time) xoxoxo

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Steven Holl, Port Ludlum Chapel

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Here is my model that took many hours and the end of my thumb!

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"Dream as if you'll live forever, and live as if you'll die tomorrow."
James Dean. American motion picture actor, symbol of rebellion, 1931-1955

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